Anna x Teddy – Oct. 26, 2021

The Parents

This breeding is from Memory of Meadowfrost’s Wind (“Anna”), by Whispering Pines Rough Rider II (“Teddy”). Anna was whelped 4-10-2017. Teddy was whelped 11-25-2017.

Birth Week

7 puppies arrived on 10-26-21. 4 boys, 3 girls. All are nursing well, having no difficulty finding mom, purely by scent.

Week 2

Bulking up, thanks to that high-octane fuel mom is supplying.  And our eyes are coming open.  There’s a whole new world to explore out there.  Our pink noses and foot pads are becoming darker.

Week 3

We’re getting more active and enjoying our puppy-huggers as much as they’re enjoying us.  When are YOU going to come see us?

Week 5

Good grief!  Is it 5 weeks ALREADY?  We’re tromping around like we’ve been doing it forever.  Our appetite’s never-ending and we’re getting to eat some truly amazing grub. 

Week 6

Active? Thats an understatement!  Cute? Weve got a corner on that big time.  More and more vocal when we think it might get us something   And we LOVE to play with one another.  And belly rubs are the highlight of visits from puppy huggers.

Week 7

In just a few weeks we’re gonna be going to our forever homes.  Our puppy huggers have made sure that we are very people-friendly, and we LOVE to give kisses to any and every human we meet.