Cameo x Scout – April 10, 2017

The Parents

This breeding is from Meadowfrost’s Cameo Memory (“Cameo”) by Redfern’s Daniel Boone (“Scout”). Cameo was whelped August 9, 2013. Scout was whelped June 23, 2012. 

Birth Week

Well, Scout & Cameo produced such great puppies the last time, they decided to do it again.

7  puppies arrived on April 10, 2017. 

The birth was uneventful and there are 7 chubby cuddly pups.

All are eating well right out of the gate (well, they ARE Labs, after all!).   And despite not being able to see or hear they have no problem whatsoever finding the chow line.

Update:  HOORAY!  We were concerned that we did not have pictures for the first week, but one of our Puppy Huggers came through and provided the pics below.

As you can see, there is little-to-no pigment on our noses, ears and the pads on our feet.  All that pink will gradually turn to black over the next 2-3 weeks.

Folks who are interested in adopting one of these cuties should contact our “Social Secretary” to arrange for a time to stop by.  And even if you are not interested in adopting, we need all the puppy huggers we can get — that goes a long way toward socialization.

Week 1

Growing like weeds — at least that’s what we’re told.

LOTS of folks (our Mid-Woof calls them “Puppy Huggers”) have been paradiing through our room, coming to see us, and yes, hug, cuddle and otherwise help us to feel loved.  If you want to join the parade, please call our “Social Secretary” to find out what time is best.

Eyes still closed — that will take at least another week or so –and so are our ears.  But watch out, we’ll be sneaking peeks pretty soon.

Mom is doing a great job of feeding us, AND of cleaning up after us as well. 

We’re scooting around a bit, but seem to find our way back to the snuggle pile.

Week 2

Somebody rang something called a”doorbell” today and we all alerted to it, so guess that means our ears are coming open.  We’re trying our luck at walking, but our Mid-Woof says that we’re “in a hurry to go nowhere” and falling on our faces.  Hey, give us a couple of days.

We’re starting to show some personality traits.  For example some of us are being a bit more dominant, while others just chill out.  It’s a race to see which one will get to the “cafeteria” once the dinner bell is rung.

Week 3

We can SEE (and you can see our eyes).  And one of the good things about sight and hearing is that we can hear when the Mid-Woof calls us to FEED US!

As you can see, the food is what our Mid-Woof calls “Moosh”, which is basically puppy food that has been soaked in water and then pureed in a blender until it is soupy.  Not only is it great to EAT, but it is also fun to WEAR.  We solve that latter problem by licking each other off.  (We actually think she does this as a sneaky way of giving us a bath.

And once we get done with that, we’re definitely ready to sleep.

Week 4

What a difference 4 weeks makes!

Here we are up and around on all fours, and checking out the kitchen floor.  First experience on a slippy floor was only a challenge for a few minutes, and then watch us scoot.

We were very brave sneaking up on our sleeping Great-Aunt Mychala — she’s not really super snuggly with young pups like us, but we survived because she was in the wire crate.  She’s 12 years old and a great inspiration for us.

We learned today what a “big-dog-growl” is all about.  Our Grandma Krystal showed us that when we got too full of ourselves with our elder relations that the growl is a warning that we’re about to get an educational moment for how to behave.

We got the word this week that our original Cafeteria has been shut down for good.  Mom was objecting to the fact that our needle-sized shark teeth were causing her some discomfort — especially during the times when we would try to latch on when she was standing up!  But the good news is that we’re getting everything we need to grow like weeds from that stuff we started on last week, so stand back America, we’re bulking up!

Oh, and we have learned that when someone calls “PUPPPEEEZZZ”, that means that something good is about to happen, and we come running (‘cuz it usually involves FOOD).

Week 5