Cameo x Scout – January 5, 2016

Puppies arrived right on time, starting early morning January 5, 2016.

The Parents

This breeding is from Meadowfrost’s Cameo Memory (“Cameo”) by Redfern’s Daniel Boone (“Scout”). Cameo was whelped August 9, 2013. Scout was whelped June 23, 2012.

Birth Week

We finally made it.  Boy that birthing process is something, but Mom (with a little help from our mid-woof) did a great job. 

Not only do we clean up very well (Mom takes care of that very well) but we are all happily partaking of her very special cafeteria, which has a separate place for each of us.  We’re starting to put on weight, which we understand is a good thing.

Since our eyes (and ears) are still closed, it might LOOK like we’re sleeping all the time, but you’d better believe that we can definitely FEEL when you’re hugging us.

Week 2

All this growing takes a lot out of a guy!  So we’re getting LOTS of sleep — in between all the folks that are stopping by to puppy-hug us.  And that’s a LOT of loving we get.

Starting to show just a hint of the eyes beginning to open, but the ears are still tightly shut.

We’re making attempts to try to stand and walk, but we’ve got a bit to go before we get good at it.

Week 3

Now how can you describe that intricate pattern we worked ourselves into?

If ya look closely you can begin to see our eyes popping through.

We’re quite proud that we are using the “potty-end” of our living space exactly the way it was designed.  And we’re practicing being vocal with little yips and barks and a growl that sounds more like a purr.  We’re still trying to figure out just exactly what it is that we’re saying to one another.

Week 4

NOW we look like puppies!  You’re not gonna get away with much, because we’ve got our peepers aimed right at you.   And check out the walking — we’re really starting to scoot around.

New learning — eating tires us out — so we’re down for a long siesta after eating.

Our mid-woof mom was winding up a music box next to us, so we have now had our Music Appreciation class — gee this HEARING business is pretty cool!

Week 5

We’re getting so mobile it is scary.  And we’re beginning to understand why they call us “retrievers”.  If it’s not nailed down we gotta put it in our mouths, and carry it around, an play tug with it.  This is LOTS of fun!

Week 6

Life is getting way more interesting.  We’ve found that if we really work at it we can squeeze through things that are SUPPOSED to keep us penned in.  It’s really fun putting our minds together to figure out these little puzzles of life.  Look out world — the breakout artists are here!