Krystal x Tucker – Aug. 9, 2013

This breeding is from Meadowfrost’s Krystal Memory (“Krystal”) by Redfern’s Tucker of Ivy Hill (“Tucker”). Krystal was whelped 10-13-08.  Tucker was whelped 5-25-06. 

Birth Week

4 puppies arrived on August 9.  The entire birth process took place during the day (it’s usually in the middle of the night) — Krystal must have been impatient to get it over with!

Krystal is a model mom and the pups are coming along nicely.  There are 3 males and 1 female.  2 yellows (1 each male and female) and 2 black males.

All the pups weighed about a pound at birth, which is average.  Nursing well and getting stronger every day.

Week 3

Week 3, and the living is easy.  Our eyes will be opening any day soon, and then look out!  We’re still blind and deaf but that should change VERY soon.  So we’re enjoying the last few days of being super-dependent, while looking forward to days of more movement, and being able to experience lots of new things.

We really enjoy all the attention from a constant stream of puppy huggers.  We REALLY like being held and cuddled.  And Mom is definitely feeding us the high-octane stuff because we’re gaining weight nicely.  Look forward to some dramatic changes once the next batch of pictures come out.

Week 4

We’re heading into our 4th week.  Here it is Labor Day, and we can now see and hear.  When the door bell rings we perk right up because it just might be puppy-huggers, one of our favorite times of the day.

Our little bodies are developing more substance, and we’re on the verge of tearing around the whelping box.  Open the gate and we come right over — looking for the opportunity to climb out.

Gaze dee into the blue-ness in our eyes.  That blue tint will be disappearing gradually over the next few weeks.  We’re starting to sample nourishment IN ADDITION TO what Mom provides.  Now that our teeth are coming through it will become more and more of a challenge to get milk from Mom.

All in all we’re happy with where we are and we’re looking forward to moving on in a few weeks to some loving homes.

Week 6

Hard keeping up with this crew.   Growing faster than we can take pictures!  Definitely thriving, and only a few weeks away from being ready to move to their new homes.

Loving the attention they receive from constant puppy-huggers.  Those teeth are little needles, but the good news is they know just how hard NOT to bite.

Week 7

7 Weeks and counting.  We sat for our graduation portraits today.  What a handsome crew! 

Soon we will be meeting our humans and going off to provide lots of exciting memories as we continue to grow.  we’re looking forward to making our mom proud.