Eva x Oliver – Jan. 17, 2013

This breeding is from Meadowfrost’s Summer’s Evening (“Eva”) by Whispering Pines Achilles (“Oliver”). Eva was whelped 7-16-2009. Oliver was whelped 8-12-2008.

Birth Week

Pups born in a relatively smooth delivery on Thursday, January 17, 2013.  Nursing quite enthusiastically, and Eva is an excellent mom.  Weights are quite good, with one male being small — nicknamed “Tiny Tim”.  All puppies have normal pink pigment for nose and pads, but those will darken pretty quickly over the first week or so.

Eyes and ears are closed, so the pups navigate mostly by warmth and smell.  They have NO problem finding mom and latching on for food.  They all seem to be thriving and moving about quite well.

Week 2

Into week 2 we’re really bulking up.  Must be that hi-test fuel that Mom is providing.  Everyone is coming along quite nicely — even Mr Black who has just about doubled his weight.

Note how our pigment is doing quite well.  No more pink noses and foot pads.  Getting darker each day.  That pigment development should be pretty much completed this week.

We’re still quite deaf and our eyes are closed, but we know where mom (FOOD!) is by warmth and smell.  We’re gonna work really hard this week to see of we can get our eyes and ears open within the next 10 days or so.  Then look out … there will be no stopping our cuteness!

Oh, and by the way … we LOVE our puppy huggers!  Scads of prospective families and just plain puppy lovers are beating a path to our door.  Humans are pretty special that way!

Week 3

Here we are — another week older and getting very close to “waking up” our eyes and ears.  BUT FIRST — we’re gonna get some last-minute shuteye.  Rest assured, once those eyes are open we’re gonna explore the entire planet!

Bulking up (do any of us look starved?), our skin and pad pigment is getting more defined.  Those darker snouts help us to look more photogenic –no?  Oh, and we’re beginning to adopt human puppies into our litter — an example is below!

Week 4

We can SEE … we can HEAR … Life is good!   Running all over the place.  Trying to climb out of the box.  Oh what a glorious life it is.  No we can see and interact with all our puppy huggers.  And we LOVE to have our tummies rubbed.

Can you say “cute”?  Yeah, we plead guilty!  We’re developing some distinct personalities.  And we have temporary names. Gaining weight just nicely.  And remember “Tiny Tim” (now temporarily named “Rocky”)?  Not so tiny any more.  Has more than quadrupled his birth weight.  He’s gonna be just fine.

Week 5

Week 7

Yikes! Only a few more days and we’re going to be heading out to our new homes! We’ve been studying our Cute Puppy Manual and getting ready for our Puppy Testing session on March 12. The results of that will help to determine which home we’re going to.

In the meantime, we had our “portraits” taken so we can look back in a few years and verify just how well-behaved we could be for a few brief minutes.